SignalPlant is free software tool for signal examination, scoring and post-processing. It has been developed by a scientific group of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Technologies at the Institute of Scientific Instruments of CAS for projects concerning ECG and EEG signals. Although it is aimed to biological signals, it contains tools useful for any other area of signal processing.


Download SignalPlant ver. - Win-10 64bit

from September 9th, 2022.


If you need to operate with *.h5 files, please check whether you have the file "C:\Windows\System32\MSVCR100.dll". If not, please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)



SignalPlant is free under MIT license


Documentation and Tutorials

SignalPlant has PDF manual (over 40 pages) with program description as well as plugins description. Furthermore, we made several short video tutorials:


Citation information

If you use our software in your study, please cite us. Citation metrics strongly influence further development of this software.



SignalPlant architecture allows extendibility via plugins. This allows 3rd parties to develop plugins for their own file-formats or processing and displaying method. The most significant features are:

  • Real-time response while examining large files
  • Mark (trigger) operations
  • Non-destructive signal processing
  • Default plugins set offers over 30 tools for:
  • filtering (FFT/IIR/FIR ...) with real-time preview
  • analysis tool (FFT/TFA ....)
  • detection (QRS complex, local extrems ...)
  • file I/O operations for HDF5, BIN, MAT, EDF, EGI, CSV, M&I d-files and others
  • export images as SVG, EPS or PNG
  • Signal acquisition from a COM port (experimental)
  • Loading MEF files (handfull feature for EEG analysis)
  • DeepPlayer plugin for inference of deep-learning models (via ONNX files)
  • and many more...